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Satisfying Vegan Meal

Vegan Café Worth Visiting

Flavor, affordability, and convenience are some of the factors we all consider in purchasing food. At Caribreeze in Spring Valley, NY, you can get all three and have a healthy and satisfying vegan meal at the same time. Read through the restaurant reviews of our customers and find out why they can’t get enough of our vegan cuisine.

Customer Reviews

A Big Gem in a Small Town

“I've only recently come across Caribreeze, and I am happy to have visited such a lovely kitchen. The family owning the cafe are as warm as their fresh patties. Speaking of the patties, I had to sample a few of the most popular Jamaican street food. I'm always on the run. What a delight they are delicious! I took a few to work to share with some of my die hard meat eating Jamaican brethren, and they placed an order for 10 patties to bring all the way to the Bronx. If you find yourself around Spring Valley, and you don't want unhealthy eats, visit Caribreeze!”


The Best Vegan Food I Ever Had

“I stumbled across this place by mistake (but I know there are no coincidences) one day. Since I was trying to eat healthier, I decided to try it. Note that I have been to at least ten vegan places across the USA in this lifetime and fully enjoyed all except maybe one. The minute I tried the beef stew (not beef of course), I was hooked! The cashew mac and cheese is awesome as well (the two together would make you slap your mother). But once you think you're done, then comes the Zucchini loaf, which is by far the best in the world! I frequent there often now and took a co-worker who fell in love at first bite. Even my 12 year old loves it!


It is not in the richest part of NJ, and the neighbors may be a bit lower on the stratification system, but they are friendly and harmless. Don't miss out on this place! You would be happy you tried!”


“Today was awesome! I got so much accomplished… Baked some vegan gingersnaps for Nikki, baked vegan brownies with walnuts for when I meet my mom’s boyfriend on Saturday (!!!! yay!) worked out (P90X Plyo-X… crazy shit yo, it kicks my ass!) had an awesome lunch, went to Target and got a bunch of stuff for my dorm (desk lamp, plates/bowls/cups, a few clothing items, etc) went to Caribreeze for dinner, this vegan Jamaican place in Spring Valley… not a great neighborhood, but my LORD the food was delicious! We took it home, my plate is on the right and my mom’s is on the left, then we split what was left in the container (I took more than her.. hehehe). It was so good haha we got brown stew chunks, pepper steak, callaloo greens, and Ethiopian bean stew over brown rice and peas. YUM, definitely going back!! Then we went on a nice walk, played Othello, and watched Because I Said So. Now we’re chilling out and watching Friends. Such a great day, so happy :D”


Great Food - Worth the Trip

“Loved the jerk satay - nicely spiced. Soup of the day was delicious. Not fancy and has 3 tables. You'll get your food in a take-out tin and soup in a container, but don't let that deter you. Prices seemed pretty reasonable. Park diagonally across the street in free parking lot.”



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